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As I was walking to Dominicks to grab a Ghiradelli  chocolate bar, ( 72% cacao and delicious)I immediately noticed this advertisement. I had to take a picture and write about it on this blog you are reading. Four Seasons used some clever advertising techniques on this billboard, and other people were taking notice. The billboards have been spotted other places in Chicago. Here are the ways I think Four Seasons knocked it out of the park with their campaign ( Also, by having the name Four Seasons they subconsciously influence the consumer by association tothe world class Four Seasons Hotels).  

1.  Shock: The phrase “Your Wife is Hot” is a great play on words that will instantly capture most peoples attention. Usually, advertisements don’t have such a blunt upfront statement as the hook for an ad.  As well, Four Seasons gives a potential compliment to the married men reading the billboard.

2. Design: By making the “Your Wife is Hot” phrase larger than the rest of the ad, along with coloring the font yellow, your eyes are immediately drawn to it.

3. Sex: Sex can be used as a great weapon of influence for marketing and advertising campaigns. Subtly, the advertisement makes a person think of sex. If a brand can be associated with sex even if it specializes in air conditioning the campaign is a winner. Also, the campaign targets men, as they will the majority of the time be the person in the household choosing who fixes the air conditioning.

I don’t know if Four Seasons will see increased customers from their advertising campaign, but I know people are talking about their billboards. One can assume the owners of Four Seasons will be pleased.


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