Nike and Kevin Durant Idea

Any people reading this blog that know me, know I’m obsessed with the NBA. Growing up in the Chicago suburbs, just as the Bulls reached their peak of dominance in the 90s, pretty much guaranteed my love of the league. As an avid Michael Jordan fan, I grew to appreciate the innovative and clever commercials Nike used to endorse my childhood hero. As I sit here typing, I’m worrying about the catastrophic possibility of there being no NBA season this year, or the disatrous possibility of regular season games being lost.

If you haven’t been aware, reigining NBA scoring champ and Nike endorser Kevin Durant has been criss-crossing the country, delighting basketball fans in playground games and tournaments throughout the summer. Watching Durant, it is obvious he absolutely loves playing the game of basketball. He is a humble, likeable, and prodigious talent that Nike should be using more in their advertising campaigns. Durant already has a signature shoe, but really hasn’t been featured in any advertisements.

My idea for a campaign will be centered around the potential of the NBA season being lost, and Durant’s activity this summer. This video of Kevin Durant at  Dyckman Park will be the feature of the commercial:

At the end of the video it will say in white font over a black background “Kevin is ready.” New frame “Let the season begin.” A Nike swoosh will be shown at the end of the commercial. The commercial should be shown in late October, when the NBA season should be starting. The ad follows the 1999 commercials from Nike for the NBA lockout like this : My idea is to have the Durant plug be a little more serious and aspirational.


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