Last Saturday I was at the mall for no particular reason other then to pass the time. I tried on some shirts that didn’t fit at Macys, drank some free samples of delicious tea at Teavana, and then walked pass a minimalist store that immediately drew my attention. The shop, of course, was the Apple Store. The design and overall ambiance of the store was so clean, simple, and beautiful. The Apple Store was in such contrast to the Chicago sports merchandise store that I browsed through earlier. The sports store had horrible dark lighting, ugly contrasting wall colors, and a confusing eye sore of a layout that made me want to leave.  The Apple Store, with its crisp lighting, white walls, and organized merchandise layout created a welcome environment for people to experiment and potentially buy various Apple products.

Apple understands that in our increasingly complicated world minimalism is something people still crave.  We are bombarded with complex technology, annoying new features( aka Facebook redesigning), and ugly designs that try to overcompensate. In the products and stores of Apple, minimalist design and easy to use features have been prevalent for years.  They understand that both with technology and design less is more. Steve Jobs was not only an innovator, but was an incredible designer.


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