The Bieber Twitter Phenomenon

Justin Bieber, thanks to his considerable talent, charisma ,and extremely clever use of social media is the most popular teenage idol in the world.   There has not been a bigger more popular music act for teenage girls since the Beatles. Bieber has an astounding 14 million + followers on twitter. He has engaged his fans by retweeting their messages, answering their questions, and following over 100,000 of them.  I have noticed something I dub The Bieber Twitter Phenomenon. Whenever Justin retweets a fan of his, the person who was retweeted will almost 100% of the time will gain 500 or more followers within a couple of days. People will follow strangers on Twitter just because that stranger was retweeted by Bieber. The influence Bieber has is a marketer’s dream. It will be interesting to see Justin’s progression as a singer and influencer as he becomes an adult.  I suspect he won’t have the sway he has now, but will still be a forced to be reckoned with in the music industry and in business. Hopefully for Justin, he hears the words, ” You are not the father.”


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