Influencers and Ben Baller

An influencer is a person that affects our tastes in fashion, music, food and more. Most people think of influencers as extremely famous people like Michael Jordan, Lady Gaga, etc. However, there are many individuals  that have a profound influence on our daily lives that most people have never heard of. Ben Baller is one of them.

I first heard of Ben Baller from NikeTalk, an internet discussion forum.  NikeTalk is an important forum to be aware of  if you want to understand what is trending in urban youth culture. Ben was a big part of the Nike shoe collecting craze of the early 2000s, selling his collection for over $200,000. Nike even hired Ben to do some brand marketing for them after they realized the impact he was having on the popularity of their shoes. Companies like Supra, Diamond Supply Co., and XBox have hired Ben as a brand ambassador as well.

Young people trust Ben’s instincts about what brands they should want to be associated with, and how to express themselves. Currently, he is a jeweler with an impressive Rolodex of celebrity clients, and a powerful blog to promote his jewelry and brands he is sponsored by. Ben gives away free gear to celebrities he knows, causing an even bigger surge in awareness for his sponsors.  It is imperative for companies to figure out which people are affecting their target audience, even if these people might not be so obvious at first glance.  By connecting with under the radar  influencers, companies can build their brand awareness and image, without having to break the bank in their marketing budget.


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